Education in a world of conflict and division


  • Stephen J. McKinney University of Glasgow
  • Federico Zannoni University of Bologna



education, conflict, division, children, school


The introductory essay frames the monographic section of this volume, which investigates the theme of the challenges that face education in situations of conflict and division in the contemporary world. Armed conflict has caused devastation in the past year in Ukraine and, over a longer period of time, in other parts of the world, notably Afghanistan, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The articles in this special edition encompass a number of important topics concerning the profound effect these armed conflicts have on the lives of children and young people and their school education.





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McKinney, S. J., & Zannoni, F. (2023). Education in a world of conflict and division. Educazione Interculturale, 21(1), I-IV.